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We are excited to announce we have been featured in a series of epic YouTube videos! Enter a prehistoric world filled with adventure and fun. The videos are produced by a well-known YouTube channel for children and are sure to showcase what Dinotropolis has to offer

Exploring Dinotropolis with Blippi: A Fun and Educational Adventure for Kids! (YouTube)

Talk to the Dinosaurs with Blippi! 🦕 (YouTube)


Unleash your inner palaeontologist and artist at Discovery Cove, the dino-mite play area within Dinotropolis!


Sculpt sand mountains that erupt into animated volcanoes thanks to motion sensors, transforming your playground into a prehistoric landscape.

Channel your creativity in the arts and crafts corner, where specially designed colouring templates come to life as animated dinosaurs on a big screen, personalised with your own name! Discovery Cove is more than just playtime; it's an interactive adventure where imagination meets technology, sparking wonder and laughter in every young explorer. Get ready to roar into a world of dino-tastic fun at Discovery Cove!


Buckle up, little explorers, because the Dino Jungle in Dinotropolis is calling your name!


Climb through twisting tunnels, navigate wobbly bridges, and conquer towering peaks like a fearless T-Rex! Whizz down dino-tastic slides! Swoop and giggle like a Pterodactyl as you zoom down the slides, each one faster and more thrilling than the last! Team up for dino-mite challenges: Test your teamwork with friends and family on obstacle courses, climbing walls, and more. Can you conquer the jungle together?


So, are you ready to unleash your inner dinosaur in Dino Jungle? Grab your bravest friends and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Remember, the only limit is your imagination!



Prepare to step into a prehistoric paradise, explorers! Dinotropolis roars with life in its Valley of the Giants, where colossal animatronic dinosaurs reign supreme!


Come face-to-face with these prehistoric giants in Dinotropolis! Even though they are now extinct, their lifelike movements, sounds, and interactive elements are sure to spark your imagination and transport you back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the World.



Tired of tiny feet dragging down your shopping spree? ️ Zoom into Dinotropolis fun with our ROARsome Kiddie Karts! These dino-mite trolleys come in single and double seater versions, perfect for solo adventurers or pitter-pattering pals.


Fuel up for fun with a quick pit stop at Reception (remember, a £20 returnable deposit unlocks your ride!). ️


Height restrictions apply (child must be below 99cm for the single seater or 90cm for a double seater), but the smiles we guarantee are limitless!


So buckle up, little ones, and let the shopping adventure begin!




*A £20 cash deposit will be required to hire the karts.

*Height restrictions apply. Please check FAQ section for more info

Check our website for opening times!

Please note: Last entry is 5.00pm Monday to Friday and on Sunday. On selected holidays and Saturdays last entry is 7.00pm. Please check our booking page to see when the 7pm session is running.

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Embark on a flavor expedition at Fossil Cafe, whether you're a solo explorer craving a quick bite or a dino-sized family seeking to refuel for the next escapade, our prehistoric pantry brims with delights to satisfy

every appetite. Grab a bite and a roar with our ROARsome selection of snacks and treats*:


Pastries so good, they're prehistoric!

Drinks to quench your dino-sized thirst: From steaming hot coffees and teas to refreshing cold options, we have something for everyone.

Sandwiches that pack a punch or chicken nuggets and chips for little explorers: Crispy, golden, and perfect for refuelling between dino-mite adventures.


*Hot food is available only during peak times. We recommend checking with our friendly staff for availability. Like any bustling prehistoric marketplace, our inventory fluctuates with the day. While we can't guarantee

the presence of any item, our diverse menu ensures you'll never leave empty-handed (or empty-bellied!).


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